#6 Stop

04-01Stop worrying about whether or not

your ex is now happy in his new relationship.

Stop checking his Facebook, stop checking his Instagram

Why? Because it doesn`t matter.

Why if he is happy?

Does that change how he made you feel?

What if he is unhappy?

Would that make you happy?

My thougts… you`ll never find true happiness for yourself

looking for it in someone else`s misery…

Let it go.

If he is happy now, good for him.

Now is your time to focus on YOU.

And what`s truly good for YOU.



Mr Amari Soul


6 thoughts on “#6 Stop

    1. Halo, Iya, itu saya ambil dari website penyedia gambar/desain gratis, trus saya edit sedikit hehe 😀
      salam kenal kembali yaa, silahkan bersenang-senang di halaman sederhana saya 🙂

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